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Patna Junction Wiki Profile | Patna Rail Junction Wiki Profile

Patna Junction Wiki Profile | Patna Rail Junction Wiki Profile

Patna Junction Wiki Profile

Patna Junction wiki profile shows all information about Patna Rail Junction Wiki Profile. Patna Junction, station code PNBE, is a major railway station in the capital city of Patna in the Indian state of Bihar. Situated in heart of the city,it is the main railway station serving Patna. It falls under the Danapur division of the East Central Railway zone of the Indian Railways. Patna Junction is one of the busiest railway stations of the Our country India.

Patna Junction wiki profile

The Patna Junction railway station is connected to most of the major cities in India by the railway network.Patna lies in between New Delhi and Kolkata which is one of the busiest rail routes in India. Patna has trains running frequently to Delhi and Kolkata.The city is a major railway hub and has six major stations: Patna Junction, Rajendranagar Terminal, Gulzarbagh Station, Danapur railway station, Patliputra Junction and Patna Sahib Station. Patna is well connected with Ara, Gaya, Jehanabad, Biharsharif, Rajgir, Islampur through daily passenger and express train services.

Patna Junction History 

Patna Junction railway station was opened in 1862 as Bankipore Junction in Bankipore (Bankipur) town, headquarters of the division and Patna district in Bengal, British India.The construction of railway line through Patna was started in 1855 and was completed and opened in 1862.Prior to that the transport of raw materials and finished goods was done through the river transport on Ganga river.There are two branch lines one is in the western zone that connects Patna junction railway station with Digha Ghat and the other is in the eastern zone connecting the Patna City railway station with Patna Ghat.The Danapur Division came into existence on 1 January 1925. The present Divisional Railway Managers's office building was built in 1929.

Patna Rail Junction Wiki Profile

In 1948 Eastern Railway started an exclusively third class express train known as 'Janta Express on 1 October 1948. This initially ran between Patna and Delhi and later on was extended from Delhi up to Howrah in 1949. This was the first Janta Express train in India.

At the Rajendra Nagar Terminal and Patna Junction route relay interlocking system were installed between 7 February 2012 till 12 February. The presence of RRI system allows computer operated change of tracks for running trains.The presence of RRT system improves the safety of the railway traffic in the region.

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The station of the city is named as PATNA JUNCTION and its station code is PNBE. The station takes care of all the basic amenities of the passengers.

The station is well-connected to a number of Indian cities. Some of the major routes include to the places of Ahmedabad Jn, New Delhi, and Howrah Jn. There are 27 weekly trains connecting Ahmedabad Jn to Patna, 22 weekly trains connecting New Delhi to Patna, and 4 weekly trains connecting Howrah Jn to Patna.

Some of the popular trains traveling to Patna are Pnbe Sc Exp(12792) to Hyderabad operating 7 times a week, Pnbe Hte Expres(18625) to Hatia operating 7 times a week, and Koshi Exp(18698) to Murliganj operating 7 times a week. Traveling in one of these trains will be a memorable experience.

The attractions of Patna are many. As soon as you enter the city, you may begin your tour as there are varied points of interest located near the Patna station itself.

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