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Live Train Running Status | Live Train Enquiry |Live Train Status | Where Is My Train

Live Train Running Status | Live Train Enquiry |Live Train Status | Where Is My Train

Live Train Status | Live Train Running Status

 Live Train Running Status

Live train running status for Indian railway train’s that means the exact location of any trains and it’s real time current status. It may also include the estimated arrival of the train at any particular station en-route.
The Second key things which are important to be noted while checking Live Train Status are Last Reported Location and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) at upcoming stoppages.
The “Last Reported Station” signifies the station based on which the current live train running status is determined. The “Last Reported Station” also conveys that the train has either arrived or departed or crossed that particular station.
The “Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)” value conveys the expected time at which the trains is supposed to arrive at any of its upcoming stoppages. This is the time when the traveler at the upcoming is expected to be there to board the train.
The last reported station can be either a stoppage or an intermediate station (where the train does not have a regular stoppage and simply is expected to cross the station)
According to RailYatri, 90% of the live train status updates of the train from a particular station arrives with 8-10 mins of the train arriving/departing/crossing a station. For the remaining 10% of live train updates can range more than take more than that at times reaching to nearly an hour.
Trains do recover time. So the train delay at the upcoming stoppages may be less than what has been reported from last reported station. Please plan accordingly.
Train running status updates are much more accurate when it arrives from the GPS of the RailYatri app users.
Train status updates from the last stop typically arrive in a delayed fashion.
Status running train updates change frequently. So it is recommended that the user check the status updates frequently. Nearer to the estimated time of arrival, the train running status information becomes more and more accurate.
The two key things which are important to be noted while checking Live Train Status are “Last Reported Location” and “Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)” at upcoming stoppages.
Train status on mobile can be checked through modern day Internet powered mobile devices. It can be checked on the go, and conveys exact location of a train and its delay status.
You can now check the IRCTC Live Train Status or the Train Running Status of all Indian Railways trains with NTES. This is one of the fastest ways to get latest information and spot your train in real time. You can find extensive details – Indian railway train running status like current train running status, train running information, the current location of your train, its late status, the platform number it arrives on and expected time of arrival and departure.
So if you have the question, ‘Where is my train’, then rail-beeps will help you spot your train, with just a click or tap. With the use of accurate GPS tracker and navigation system, this Indian Railway’s vital information is made available to the passengers for a hassle-free travelling experience.

How to check Live Train Status?

If you want to know the current and exact status of your train, you just have to enter your train’s name or its 5-digit number on the search bar and hit ‘Find Train’. You can then spot your train and know complete train running status as it gets reflected on your screen with extensive details such as where exactly the train is, when will it arrive from that particular station or when will it depart, train is between which two stations, and whether it is running as per the schedule timing or is it late.
Erail gives you an opportunity to enable notification and get notified with every train’s moment until it arrives at your departing station. One can check the train’s status on desktop, mobile or on tablet using Erail.in, as it is compatible on all platforms and devices. You no longer have to call up and face engaged dial tones of the Indian Railways Enquiry Office or visit directly to figure out the latest train running status. When you enter your train name or number the link will reflect the following .
  • Enter train number or name
  • Select the date of train departure
  • The list will show you the current train location.
  • It will also show the ETA or Estimated Time of Arrival and ETD or Estimated Time of Departure.
  • It will also tell whether the train is on time or is delayed.
  • You can also track the exact time and distance that it is away from the current station.
  • The list will also guide you on which platform number the train will arrive.
  • Information about delay
  • Distance between two stations
  • Stoppage Duration
  • Timing of Departure
  • Arrival Timing
Now a day some apps launched to show your train running status. Like some impotent apps or website.


Official Application of etrain.info for all Information related to Indian Railways.
Some of the main features of this Mobile Application are:
☛ Live Train Running Status
☛ PNR Status / Prediction
☛ Train Route
☛ Train Between Stations
☛ Fare Calculator
☛ Seat Availability
☛ Seat / W/L Prediction
☛ Rake Information / Train Composition
☛ Arrival & Departure at Station.
☛ Current Seat Booking Availability
☛ Seat Map / Coach Layout
☛ Transit Station Search
☛ Train Running History / Statistics
☛ Indian Railways Reservation Inquiry
☛ Alternate Routes / Seat Suggestion
This user friendly app provides all information related to Indian Railways in most simple and effective way. It has largest and most updated database of trains including all Reserved, Unreserved and Sub-Urban trains.

Where is my Train

Where is my Train is a unique and most popular train app that displays live train status and up-to-date schedules. The app can function offline without needing Internet or GPS. It is also packed with useful features such as destination alarms and a speedometer. It is the highest rated travel app in India. Thank you to all the users who make the app better every day by sharing their feedback with us.

How to take a printout of a rail ticket using the pnr number?

This one is pretty simple! Here are the steps:
Step 1: Go to https://www.irctc.co.in
Step 2: Login with valid credentials
Step 3: Click on the Print ticket image on right
Step 4: Enter your password again
Step 5: Enter the valid PNR and Transaction ID in the respective fields
Step 6: Follow other instructions to print


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